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Record, edit, and mix audio and MIDI in a multi-track environment
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Reaper is a complex audio program, offering all the tools you need in order to record, edit, process and mix your favorite tracks. It supports a wide range of formats and plugins and can be extended, scripted and modified.

The program has three major functions: record, produce and transform. With the record function, you can record audio and MIDI at any sample rate or bit depth. Also, it has various speeds for recording and playback with multiple takes or layers. Producing allows you to freely mix audio, MIDI, and video on any track. Moreover, you can copy and move regions to alternate arrangements while having up to 64 individually routable channels. Going further, the transform function has the option to install any third-party audio or MIDI plugin(VST, VST3, DX/DXI) and allows FX enabling in real time.

Reaper is extremely customizable. You can change colors, icons, toolbars, layouts, almost anything. Thousands of actions, alone or in sequence, can be triggered by a keystroke, toolbar button, or external controller. It's also extensible, the user is offered the possibility to develop extension in Lua, EEL, or Python.

The 5.62 version comes with major improvements. The most notable is the accessibility support, the correct grouping of items after moving within time selection and the option to add FX to master track.

To sum it up, Reaper is a complete tool for audio editing offering all the means for professional and intuitive DJing, combining top mixing and performance features.

John Saunders
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  • Intuitive layout
  • Highly customizable
  • Enables FX in real time
  • Develop extensions


  • Requires high performance computer
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